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New HughesNet Satellite Internet Technology to Deliver Better Services

Innovative Satellite Technology to Provide the Fastest Internet Everywhere

It is such an exciting time to become a HughesNet ® Gen5 customer. You are gaining access to amazingly fast high-speed satellite Internet delivered right to your computer. Yet you may be wondering just how this service reaches your home even when living in remote and rural locations.

Learn about this new satellite technology and consider bumping up to the next data service plan so you have even more data to browse the web, watch movies and socialize with online friends. Or call our customer service representatives today if you are new customer looking to set up an account.

Satellite Internet Delivered to Your Home

HughesNet Gen5 is the fifth generation of satellite Internet as data plans are sent to your home using the EchoStar XVII and EchoStar XIX satellites. These satellites are positioned thousands of miles out in space as they utilize proprietary JUPITER high-throughput technology.

So whenever you open your online browser and access a webpage, data is sent from the Hughes satellite receiver antenna attached to your home and up to the high-capacity satellites. The data information is relayed back and forth in nanoseconds. You experience fast page load speeds, uninterrupted download services and incredible video streaming features.

In addition, your HughesNet Gen5 features are optimized as you receive more data in your plans while being able to do more online. By using these high-capacity satellites, the new HughesNet provides superior speed and performance for people who live anywhere -- coast to coast.

See for yourself what satellite Internet can provide to your home and family. Call today to learn more and to sign up for a HughesNet Gen5 data plan.

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