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The new HughesNet boasts even faster speeds and is chock full of new features, but how is it different from Gen 4? HughesNet has included a chart below so you can easily compare HughesNet Gen 4 and HughesNet Gen 5.

HughesNet Gen4 HughesNet Gen5
SmartTechnologiesTM SmartTechnologiesTM
(don't refer to individual technology names)
SmartFetchTM, SmartCompressionTM, SmartResourcesTM N/A
SmartBrowsing No hard data limits
Bonus Bytes Bonus Zone
Data Allowance Data (or Service Plan Data)
Anytime Anytime Data
Satellite Modem Wi-Fi Modem
Tokens Data Tokens
Plan Names: Choice, Prime, Pro, Max Plan Names: 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB
Status Meter Usage Meter
Upfront Lease Fee Lease Set-up Fee
N/A Video Data Saver

See What's New with Hughesnet Gen5

HughesNet Gen5 Provides Incredible New Features Along with Great Services

It is fantastic time to take advantage of the incredible services offered by HughesNet® Gen5. You still have access to the fastest satellite Internet speeds no matter where you are located, even in remote areas of the country. Now, you have access to a host of great benefits when compared to the previous Gen4 services. Let's compare both services so you can see why you should get HughesNet Gen5 today by calling our customer service representatives to get a data service plan.


The SmartTechnologies available with Gen4 is still available with HughesNet Gen5. This data optimization technology is now combined and built-in to every date service plan.

Bonus Zone

Gen4 Bonus Bytes are now called the HughesNet Gen5 Bonus Zone as you get 50 GB of additional data during the off-peak hours of 2am to 8am so you can do more online browsing and downloading without using up your plan data.

Plan Names

The Gen4 plan names have also gotten a makeover under the new HughesNet Gen5. Now there are 4 data service plans based on the amount of data you need: 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, and 50 GB. So there is no confusion over the amount of data you will receive.

Video Data Saver

HughesNet Gen5 now offers the new video data saver feature that is not offered by the previous Gen4. With the video data saver, you can watch more videos and movies without using up all the data in your service plan. HughesNet Gen5 automatically adjusts the rate of the video streaming so you have better data optimization so you can watch 3 times more videos while still having great DVD picture quality.

Built-In Wi-Fi

While Gen4 offered a satellite modem, HughesNet Gen5 has taken family online browsing to the next level with built-in Wi-Fi modem. So now you can create the home network that will provide satellite Internet coverage for all your devices without needing to buy any additional equipment. Even better, you can keep your home network safe and secure while still offering Wi-Fi service to guests who come to your home by allowing them to access a separate guest Wi-Fi feature offered by the new HughesNet.

So many great features and benefits are available with HughesNet Gen5. Take advantage of this exciting new satellite Internet service by signing up and selecting a data plan. Then you can increase your online browsing entertainment while enjoying great rates.

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