History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Wharton, Ann A. B059.04
Wharton, Belle F. B059.04
Wharton, James B059.05
Wharton, John B059.04
Wharton, Lizzie J. B059.05
Wharton, Mattie B059.05
Wharton, Robert B059.05
Wharton, S. Edward B059.05
Wharton, William W. B059.05
Wheatley, - B234.07
Wheatley, G. W. 50084
Wheatley, George W. 70037, 140020
Wheatley, Hannah B175.07
Wheatley, J. E. 150006
Wheatley, W. A. B175.05
Wheeler, Benjamin Albert B010.02
Wheeler, Elma J. B010.04
Wheeler, Flora B010.04
Wheeler, Horace B010.04
Wheeler, Isaac C. B010.02
Wheeler, John F. B010.02
Wheeler, Margaret B010.01
Wheeler, Nathan B010.01
Wheeler, Phoebe Jane B010.02
Wheeler, Samuel E. B010.02
Wheeler, Viola B010.04
Wheeler, Willis Henry B010.01
Whipple, E. R. 160951
Whipple, Effie L. B318.06
Whipple, Elmira B318.05
Whipple, Francis E. B318.06
Whipple, Joseph W. B318.05
Whipple, Susie B318.05
Whitbeck, Ella May B291.04
Whitbeck, J. E. B291.04
Whitcher, Levi B265.02
Whitcher, Ruth D. B265.02
Whitcraft, James 50053, 50057, 120035
Whitcraft, John 30032, 30050, 160944
White, - B030.05
White, Anna 60007
White, David B. 60027, 150022
White, John T. 140040
White, Lillian 60010
White, Nathan G. 160913
White, Sarah E. B008.05
Whiteman, W. H. 50036, 50044, 70036
Whiteside, E. D. B082.04
Whiton, William 160925
Whitson, William 30029
Whittaker, Minnie B123.04
Whittaker, Warren B123.04
Wickoff, D. 30029
Widman, Anna 50068, 50071, 60015
Wier, Nancy B168.02
Wier, Thomas B168.02
Wiggins, Albert B248.02
Wiggins, Basil 30034, B248.01
Wiggins, Elizabeth B248.01, B248.02
Wiggins, Ellen B248.02
Wiggins, Eunice B248.02
Wiggins, H. 160908
Wiggins, Harrison B248.02
Wiggins, Henry 30034, B248.02, B314.06
Wiggins, Jane B248.02
Wiggins, John B248.01
Wiggins, John B248.02
Wiggins, Margaret B248.02
Wiggins, Martha B248.02
Wiggins, Pearl M. 60010
Wiggins, Rebecca E. B248.05
Wiggins, Robinson B248.02
Wiilard, A. 160948
Wilbur, L. C. 160930
Wilcox, J. D. 160896
Wilder, Mary Ann B191.04
Wile, W. H. 160921
Wiles, Katherine B168.06
Wiley, B. J. 160934
Wiley, David A. 160886
Wiley, N. O. 140013
Wiley, William O. 140011
Wilkinson, Teasdale 50089
Willabee, John 160961
Willard, - 30036
Willard, A. P0001, 30047, 130005, 130028
Willard, Adelia B116.02
Willard, Albert B116.01
Willard, Albert B. B116.04
Willard, Della B116.04
Willard, Eliza B116.02
Willard, George B116.02
Willard, Leon Lewis B116.04
Willard, Lester B116.02
Willard, Lucinda Ann B116.04
Willard, Lucinda Harlan 30025
Willard, Maria B116.02
Willard, Samuel B116.01, B116.02
Willard, Sarah B116.01, B116.02
Willard, Sophronia B116.02
Willey, C. W. 30033
Williams DeWitt Clinton B170.01
Williams, "Hay" B170.04
Williams, - 40045, 40049, 140011, 140015, 140021, B252.05
Williams, Al. F. 50092, 70037, B056.01
Williams, Andrew J. 30037
Williams, Ann Eliza B170.03
Williams, Benjamin N. B170.05
Williams, Charlotte I. B170.03
Williams, Clarinda B128.08
Williams, Clement F. B170.05
Williams, Clinton 160911
Williams, Cora B314.05
Williams, Delilah B055.01, B055.02
Williams, E. M. 160955
Williams, Edward 160916
Williams, Emeline B128.04
Williams, Emily B314.05
Williams, Emma Jane B170.03
Williams, Fletcher J. R. 70020
Williams, H. C. 160962
Williams, Isaac B302.03
Williams, J. C. B279.05
Williams, Jacob B. B170.05
Williams, James O. B128.08
Williams, James T. B128.01, B128.02, B128.04
Williams, Jas. F. 160922
Williams, Jas. M. 160902
Williams, Jennie B056.01
Williams, Jessie B036.04
Williams, Joel B170.01, B170.02, B170.03
Williams, Joel Harris B170.03
Williams, Julia A. B128.08
Williams, Kinsey Swords B170.03
Williams, L. A. B056.01
Williams, L. F. B008.07
Williams, Lane 50031, 70021, 160912, B128.01
Williams, Lottie E. B170.05
Williams, Lutetia S. B170.05
Williams, Mary Malvina B170.05
Williams, Mattie F. B302.03
Williams, Nancy A. B170.05
Williams, Naomi B128.08
Williams, Naomi B279.05
Williams, Nellie 60006, B128.01, B128.04, B128.08
Williams, Olive B314.05
Williams, Olive Alberta B170.05
Williams, Ralph Waldo B170.05
Williams, Rossa L. B128.08
Williams, Ruth E. B170.05
Williams, Samuel 160946
Williams, Sarah B116.01
Williams, Sarah Helen B283.03
Williams, Sarah Jane B170.01, B170.03, B170.05
Williams, Susan B314.01, B314.03
Williams, Thomas 160960
Williams, Wash 120026
Williams, William B314.05
Williams, William W. B128.08
Williams, Zabrina 30033
Williamson, C. A. 30038
Williamson, Mary 60008
Williamson, W. W. 140011
Williford, W. A. 160887
Willis, R. M. 120026, 160937
Wills, J. M. 30029
Wilson, - 40070, B041.03
Wilson, A. S. 70037
Wilson, Albert L. B196.02
Wilson, Alexander 120026
Wilson, Ann W. B027.01
Wilson, Bruce B032.07
Wilson, Clara B289.02
Wilson, George H. 50086, 50092, 70037, B196.01
Wilson, Ira 30039
Wilson, J. A. B196.02
Wilson, J. M. 30035
Wilson, James 80022
Wilson, John B196.01, B196.02
Wilson, Lute B289.02
Wilson, Marion M. B196.05
Wilson, Mary B043.04, B162.03, B276.01
Wilson, May B196.02
Wilson, Pruda A. B196.01
Wilson, Roy 120026
Wilson, Samuel B041.02
Wilson, T. F. 50039
Wilson, T. J. 30051, 160947
Wilson, W. H. 160940
Wilson, William C. 40043, 40046, 40049
Wimmer, Agnes B292.01
Wimmer, Alice B162.03
Wimmer, Angeline B162.03
Wimmer, Arbel B162.05
Wimmer, Arlington B162.05
Wimmer, Charley B162.03
Wimmer, Christopher B162.03
Wimmer, Earl B162.05
Wimmer, Edna B162.05
Wimmer, Frank N. B162.03
Wimmer, Gladys Marie B162.05
Wimmer, Harvy B162.01
Wimmer, James B162.03
Wimmer, James F. B162.03
Wimmer, Mamie B162.05
Wimmer, Marion B162.05
Wimmer, Mary B162.03
Wimmer, Melinda R. B162.03
Wimmer, Ozro B162.05
Wimmer, Ray B162.05
Wimmer, Rosa B162.05
Wimmer, Sarah B162.03
Wimmer, William B162.03
Winkleman, Fred 160928
Winn, William 150034
Winslow, - B051.03
Winter, - 120026
Winter, Albert B031.04
Winter, D. 70017, 160943, 70016
Winter, Daniel B031.01
Winter, E. A. B031.02
Winter, Emma A. B031.04
Winter, Ferdinand B031.02
Winter, Henrietta B031.04
Winter, Isabel B031.04
Winter, L. H. 70037, 170022, B157.05
Winter, Lou 140020
Winter, Louis H. B031.04
Winter, W. F. E. B031.04
Winter, William B031.02
Winters, Solomon L. 160953
Wise, - B009.04
Wise, C. B137.04
Wise, Julia A. B002.04
Wise, Lucina B137.04
Wise, Marinda B009.04
Wiswell, Alice J. B012.05, B012.06
Wiswell, Edward B012.02
Wiswell, Edwin B012.02
Wiswell, Florence B012.06
Wiswell, James H. B012.01, B012.02
Wiswell, Jennie E. B012.06
Wiswell, John 70036, 70037, 120006, 120017, 120026, B012.01, B012.02
Wiswell, Martha B012.06
Wiswell, Olive B012.02
Witherell, Theo. 160889
Witt, - 120012
Witt, J. B. B117.06
Wiwn, Ellen B238.04
Wiwn, Patrick B238.04
Wolf, Dennis 30025, 30035, 30036
Wolfe, Anna B250.03
Wolfe, Barbara B250.03
Wolfe, Daniel B250.03
Wolfe, Elgiva B250.04
Wolfe, Eli B250.03
Wolfe, Elswitha B250.04
Wolfe, Emma B250.03
Wolfe, Francis B250.03
Wolfe, Jacob B250.03
Wolfe, James F. B250.01
Wolfe, Jes. F. B250.01
Wolfe, Kansas Rebecca B250.04
Wolfe, Kate B250.03
Wolfe, Leonard B250.03
Wolfe, William B250.03
Wood, Eva B276.05
Wood, G. W. 30033
Wood, George W. 50034, 50035
Wood, Lucy B276.05
Wood, Martha B282.01
Woodruff, - 120017, B012.02
Woodruff, C. L. 50052
Woodruff, Clarence 50048
Woods, Adelle B110.04
Woods, Cassie B110.04
Woods, Denver B110.04
Woods, Elizabeth B105.02
Woods, George B110.04
Woods, George W. B110.01
Woods, Helen Elizabeth B110.04
Woods, Hettie B297.02
Woods, Isaac B110.04
Woods, James B110.04
Woods, Maria B167.01
Woods, Mitchell B297.02
Woods, Robert B110.04
Woods, Willis B110.04
Woodward, Colonel B300.04
Woodward, Minnie B300.04
Woodworth, - 40063
Woodworth, Almira B137.04
Woody, Nellie B128.01, B128.04
Woolsey, P. H. 160938
Woolwine, Laura B019.02
Woostern, I. 160952
Wooten, Andrew 30036
Wooten, Edward 160894
Wooten, J. J. 150028, 150030, 160891
Wooten, Martha Ann B270.03
Word, John 160917
Worthen, Peter 160904
Wright, - 70036
Wright, Andrew 160923
Wright, Arbel B162.05
Wright, Catherine B162.05
Wright, Clinton 60009
Wright, Ellen B165.05
Wright, Iowa 30067
Wright, Isaac 30067, 120026, B060.02, B124.05
Wright, John R. 30045, 120010
Wright, Jonathan B162.05
Wright, Jonathan R. B251.01
Wright, L. M. 160929
Wright, Lillie O. B165.05
Wright, Margaret B233.02
Wright, Mary J. B251.03
Wyatt, Elizabeth A. B140.04
Wylie, Calvin 160890
Wylie, Jennie B056.01
Wyrick, - 30027

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