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HughesNet Gen5 Professional Standard Installation Services for a Reliable Connection

Standard Installation Services with Options for Equipment Leasing or Purchase

The new HughesNet® is providing a wealth of online entertainment services for people living coast to coast by providing high-speed satellite Internet at amazingly low rates. Once you call our helpful customer service representatives today to open up an account and to pick a HughesNet Gen5 data service plan, you can take advantage of our equipment options and standard installation services.


Purchase or Lease Your Satellite Internet Equipment

Everyone has varying budgets when it comes to obtaining Internet service. With the new HughesNet, you now have more options so you can better manage your budget while still having access to fantastic online services. You can purchase your equipment at a one-time rate so you can enjoy this service wherever you live even when you have to move, or lease your equipment so you can reap in the savings every month.

Equipment Purchase: Purchase your equipment at the standard rate of $449.98 as this one-time upfront fee covers both installation and equipment. If you order before 06/30/2017, you can get a $100 instant savings of $349.98.

Equipment Lease: Lease your equipment for the standard rate of $99.00 per month as this also covers your installation charges. You can also get incredible savings if you open an account today as you will only have to pay $14.99 per month. Standard installation is free. This limited time offer ends on 06/30/2017.

Installation Process

  • Once you sign up for services, the installation process will begin as you will be contacted by an authorized service technician within three days after your account becomes activated. They will discuss with you about the best time and day to come and set up your equipment.
  • The authorized service technician will arrive on the scheduled day with the following equipment: one HughesNet Wi-Fi modem, one HughesNet satellite Internet antenna, mounting equipment for the receiver antenna, a HughesNet LAN cable for connecting the modem to your computer, and 125 feet of RG-6 dual cable.
  • The service technician will mount the HughesNet satellite Internet antenna to the roof of your house (24 feet up or a single floor level), side of your house or to the ground. They will run the 125 feet of RG-6 dual cable to the satellite Internet antenna and through the exterior wall of your house to the interior wall where a two-plug faceplate is attached. The HughesNet Wi-Fi modem will connect to the face plate and to your computer.
  • Your satellite Internet service is now connected! If you have any questions about your new HughesNet Gen5 service, or want to switch to another data service plan, contact us today.

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