Handy 5 2nd edition

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The 2nd edition of The Handy 5:  Planning and Assessing Integrated Information Skills Instruction is now ready for purchase.  The Handy 5 model is a framework for planning learning activities to accommodate frequent and systematic evaluation. The model also encourages collaborative planning with classroom teachers. Materials have been updated to reflect changes learned while using the model since 2001. New material includes a chapter on using the model with primary students PreK-2nd grades (The Handy 3), strategies for applying the model in the classroom and all new lesson plan suggestions by grade level and content areas. The new edition also includes a CD with master copies of the various handbooks, bookmarks, posters and other documents useful in the library and the classroom.

If you are interested in inservice training on the Handy 5, contact Carol Fox (316-321-7216) or Betsy Losey (785-625-6391).

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Last updated: October 13, 2007