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New Features

New HughesNet Provides Fantastic Features at the Same Low Rates

Incredible Satellite Internet Features So You Can Do More Online

Have you heard the exciting news? HughesNet Gen 5 is here! HughesNet®, America's #1 choice for satellite Internet is now better than ever with faster speeds – 25 Mbps, more data, and built-in WiFi in every plan. Now, no matter where you live in the U.S. you can enjoy fast, reliable connections that allow you to do what you love online in less time. Pay bills without your connection timing out. Post your pictures and videos on social media instantly. Listen to music, shop, work, even stream a movie all with ease with the new HughesNet. Offering a range of new plans chock full of extras, the new HughesNet has something for everyone!

Incredible Satellite Internet Features So You Can Do More Online
HughesNet Gen5 features

Faster Speeds

HughesNet Gen5 features high-speed satellite Internet that will make your head spin. Whether you live in the suburbs, exurbs or remote locations, you get download speeds of 25 Mbps to stream videos and music while getting upload speeds of 3 Mbps when you want to share files and photos with family members and friends. Faster speeds mean faster web page load times, faster homework help for the kids, faster online banking and bill pay services making your online experience easier.

More Data

You want more data? You get twice as much now when you order HughesNet Gen5 from our customer service representatives today. There are 4 plans to select from based on your data needs: 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB and 50 GB. Just pick the data service plan that will give you, your spouse and the kids all the best features as you can use your Internet all day, every day.

Video Data Saver

It doesn't matter if you are a hardcore video watcher or just a person who likes to stream a movie once in a while, the video data saver can let you see more videos without using up all your data for the month. HughesNet Gen5 features will automatically adjust the video data streaming rate. That means you can watch 3 times more videos while still having great picture quality.

No Hard Data Limits

When the end of the month approaches and you are going to exceed your data limit, you may be prone to turn off your Internet service to save what little data is left. Well, the new HughesNet will allow you to stay connected during those times when you exceed the data limit on your existing plan. The No Hard Data Limits feature lets you browse web pages and read emails without getting charged more for these services. Also, HughesNet Gen5 data services will not cut off the moment the data is used up as you can stay online at reduced speeds until the next billing cycle arrives.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Create the ultimate home network with the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities offered by HughesNet Gen5. All your mobile devices can access the fast speeds and abundant data plans as your entire home will have excellent coverage due to the Hughes dual-band 802.11ac technology. Even guests can enjoy the available Wi-Fi service as they can access a separate guest network.

Bonus Zone

When you need to perform system upgrades or download huge files that take up a lot of data, take advantage of the Bonus Zone feature. HughesNet Gen5 offers 50 GB of free data to use every month during the Bonus Zone hours of 2am to 8am allowing you to conserve data, maximizing your plan.

The new HughesNet satellite Internet is available for people across the country. Take advantage of these exciting features by setting up your account today.

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