box [graphic] Sites Worth Preserving in Topeka/Shawnee County:
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112-118 SE 7th St 112-118 SW 7th St, view 1112-118 SW 7th St, view 2112-118 SW 7th St, view 3 Endangered!
Solomon Alt House, 1335 SW College Av (1909)
Solomon Alt hiouse, 1335 College Blvd. ASolomon Alt hiouse, 1335 College Blvd. BSolomon Alt hiouse, 1335 College Blvd. CSolomon Alt hiouse, 1335 College Blvd. D
Baughman's Dairy, 2235 S.W. Buchanan
Baughman's Ice Cream Operated in Topeka from 1884 to 1980 by Joel Baughman and family. They started by putting up ice to sell on the street and branched into ice cream. One son, an invalid, invented Brown Bread, a caramel-based flavor. At its peak (1920s & 1930s), Baughman's had a fleet of 13 horse-drawn wagons serving ice cream cones throughout the city. The flavor never expanded out of Topeka, though. Baughman's closed in 1980. --Topeka Capital-Journal, Sun., Oct. 15, 2006, by Dick King.
Bethany Place, immediately S. of Grace Cathedral (see below) Bethany Place   Preserv. Awards '08
Billard House, bottom east side of the Sardou bridge Billard House, view 1Billard House, view 2
Brown v Board of Ed, 1515 SE Monroe Brown v Board of Education National Historic Site, view 1Brown v Board of Education National Historic Site, view 2National Historic Site
Champney home, at 3224 Seward Billard House, view 3
Columbian Building,
112 SW 6th
Columbian Building 1Columbian Building 2Columbian Building 3
Commonwealth Building,
714-720 SW Jackson
Commonwealth Builiding   Preserv. Awards '08
Constitution Hall, 427-429 SW Kansas Av Constitution HallDoors, Constitution Hall See below & Preservation Tour '09
Crawford Building,
501 Jackson
Crawford Building, south sideCrawford Building, frontSee also Downtown Tour #64
Curtis Cemetery,
just west of Topeka Blvd at N.W. Harrison/s. side of Old Soldier Creek
Curtis CemeteryCurtis Cemetery gravestones Preserv. Award '09
Curtis Home,
1101 SW Topeka Blvd
Charles Curtis home  Tour | SCHS Annual Mtg. 2006 | KTKA Video Tour
Dairy Queen,
1700 SW Medford
Dairy Queen sign, 17th and Medford, TopekaDairy Queen, 1700 SW Medford, TopekaDairy Queen, 1700 SW Medford 2
Devon Apartments, SW 12th & Western Devon Apartmentsnorthwest corner, less than 90 degreesarched porch entranceDevon Apartments, behind
Dibble Building 121 SE 6th St.
Preserv. Award '09, both SCHS & TLC
Dibble Building 1Dibble Building 2Dibble Building 3Dibble Building 4
Dillon House, 404 SW 9th St





Dillion house, view 1Dillion house, view 2Dillion house, view 3
Dillion house, view 4Dillion house, view 5Dillion house, view 6
Dillion house, view 7Dillion house, view 8See also below | See also Dillon House Tour
East Topeka Jr. High, E. 8th St East Topeka Junior High School
England Farmstead,
4619 SE 37th St., Topeka
England House and BarnEngland Barn  Preserv. Awards '08
Federal Post Office, 500 blk, Kansas Av Federal Post Office, KS Av, Old Fed. Court House, Brown v Brd tried here
Fire Station #1, 934 NE Quincy
| See also Fire Station #1 Tour
NW corner SW cornerfacade detailengine
Fire Station #2, 719 SW Van Buren Fire Station No. 2, Kansas Association for Justice Fire Station No. 2, Kansas Association for Justice 2Fire Station No. 2, Kansas Association for Justice 3
Current home of Ks Association for Justice  Preserv. Awards '08
Fire Station #7,
1215 SW Oakley
| See also Fire Station #7 Tour
Fire Station Number 7, fronttitle detailtower and tile roofbuilding back
Frost House, corner of SW 10th St. and Western Frost House, corner of 10th and SW Western
Frank Furein House, 726 SW Clay St. Frank Durein House Preserv. Awards '09
Gaylord House, 621 SW Central Park Gaylord House  Preserv. Awards '08
Gem Building, 510 SW 10th St Gem Building   Preserv. Awards '08

Grace Episcopal Cathedral, 701 SW 8th Av

Grace Episcopal Cathedral, 701 SW 8th Av Preserv. Awards '07
Great Overland Station, 701 N Kansas Av
Was Union Station, currently RR museum.
Great Overland Station, view 1Great Overland Station, view 2Great Overland Station, view 4Great Overland Station, view 3
clock, 1927 waiting roomWelda station, moved to site

Greer House
418 SW. 6th
(c. 1860)

Greer House, 418 SW 6th, built around 1860 One of the oldest structures extant in the city. Built for Judge James Greer.


former Grocery
SE corner, 8th & Clay




east side, former grocery buildingfront verandaunder the verandaNW corner of building
former grocerywest side of buildingsouth end of buildingrear exit
SE cornerdetaileast side 2
500 blk, SW Harrison, apartment building Apartment building, 500 block of SW Harrison Stabilized after a serious fire in 1996, but demonished in 2011.

Hicks Block,
SW 6th & Tyler

Hicks Block, SW 6th and Tyler, view 1Hicks Block, SW 6th and Tyler, view 2See also: Hicks Block Tour

Jackson Memorial Church,
NW corner, 7th & Western

Jackson Memorial Church
Jayhawk Theatre
720 SW Jackson
see Flickr Tour of interior
visit Jayhawk Theatre web site
Jayhawk Tower
700 SW Jackson
Jayhawk Tower, SE corner, 9th & JacksonJayhawk Tower, neon sign
727 SW Kansas Av 727 SW Kansas Av, view 1727 SW Kansas Av, view 2
Kansas Capitol Kansas CapitolCapitol with renovation scaffolding, 6-2008See also: Kansas Capitals/Topeka Capitols tour
Landon Building, 900 blk, SW Jackson Landon Building, 900 block of SW Jackson Was Santa Fe Offices, now used by State of KS
Liberty Building, 214 SW 6th Liberty Building, 214 SW 6thLiberty Building entranceLiberty Building
Janet Loebel House
1515 SW College Av
early photo, Janet Loebel residence, 1515 SW College Blvd. March, 1962, Janet Loebel residence, 1515 SW College Blvd. Snowing, 1962, Janet Loebel residence, 1515 SW College Blvd. After snow, 1986, Janet Loebel residence, 1515 SW College Blvd.
Longren Aircraft Works, 420 SW Jackson Longren Aircraft Works A.K. Longren was "Birdman"

Lustron home,
SW 10th St.



Lustron home,
SW Windsor Ct.

Lustron home, SW 10th St.   See also: NYTimes, 7-18-2008.
  Read a personal memory of building home on 10th St..
Lustron home, SW Windsor Ct.   Prefabricated steel with porcelain-enamel-coated panels.
  Lustron Corporation constructed 2560 Lustron homes
  between 1949 and 1950 in an adapted aircraft plant in   Columbus, Ohio.
Mansion at River Hill,
moved from SW 10th St & Gage Blvd
Mansion at River Hill known as Fleming Mansion when at 10th & Gage
Matrot Castle, 6424 SW Huntoon Rd.
Huguenot (Fr. Protestant) Seraphin P. Matrot built this tiny castle in 1887. The site now includes a winery.
view from the NEEast facade of home-sized North side of Matrot Castle
vies of south side of Matrotwinery grapes See Matrot Castle
Memorial Building, 10th and SW Jackson Memorial Building, Attorney General's offices G.A.R. home, dedicated by Wm. H. Taft in 1914
Menningers, Original Hospital, SW 6th St Menniger's original hospital, view 1Menniger's original hospital, view 2
Menninger Campus, Menninger Hill @ SW 6th St SBA barns, view 1SBA barns, view 2SBA barns, view 3
  View of SBA barnsPower Plant, view 1
  Power Plant, view 2Security Benefit Assoc. Hill, later home of Menninger FoundationDeserted home of WIBW Channel 13 television station
Menninger Tower, Menninger Hill @ 6th St SBA Hospital Tower Building, also knows as Menninger Tower Building, view 1SBA Hospital Tower Building, also knows as Menninger Tower Building, view 2Built as Security Benefit Hospital
Methodist Home,
1135 SW College Blvd
See also: Methodist Home for the Aged
North entranceattic windowLooking from southeast street intersectionSouth porch
Octagonal barn, NW corner, 46th at Landon Rd Octagonal barn 1Octagonal barn 2
Palace Lofts,
709 S Kansas
   Preserv. Awards '08
Former Pilgrim Baptist Church, 320 NW Laurent --built 1871 Former Pilgrim Baptist Church, 320 NW Laurent  Nathan Ham Photography. Oldest church in Topeka.
Pelletier's Dept. Store, SW corner, 9th & Kansas Av Pelletier's Department Store building
John Ritchie House, 1116 SE Madison Ritchie House exteriorRitchie House, insideRitchie House, south door  See Preservation Tour '09
Hale Ritchie House, 1118 SE Madison
Barebones tour, Summer 2010Hale Ritchie Home, restoredHale Ritchie Home, directly south of John Ritchie Home Restored
Ritchie Cemetery
SW 27th St @ Boswell
Ritchie Cemetery 1Ritchie Cemetery 2Ritchie Cemetery 3Ritchie Cemetery 4
Ritchie Cemetery panorama, looking NW to NE
Ross Row House,
500 blook, SW Van Buren
Ross Row House 2Ross Row House 3See  Preserv. Awards '08
Sage Inn B&B, Dover
--built 1865
Sage Inn, fall weatherSage Inn, Spring weatherCorner gas station
Saint John's AME Church, SW corner, 7th & Topeka Blvd Saint John's AME Church  See Preserv. Awards '08
Saint Joseph's Church, 227 SW Van Buren St. Joseph Church, east facadeSaint Joseph's Church 1Saint Joseph's Church 2Saint Joseph's Church 3
Saint Mark's AMC Church, 301 NW Harrison
--built 1920
Saint Mark's AME Church, 301 NW Harrison, view from SESaint Mark's AMC Church, 301 NW Harrison, view from NE Hall-type church
John Sargent House, SW 225 Clay St John Sargent house, frontJohn Sargent house, 225 Clay, Topeka, KSJohn Sargent house, SE porchJohn Sargent house, NW side

Senate Suites,
SE corner, 9th & Tyler

Senate Suites 1Senate Suites 2Senate Suites 4Senate Suites 4
 Preserv. Awards '08
Shawnee Co. Poor Farm, 300 NE 43rd St Shawnee Co. Poor Farm, now Shawnee North Recreation Center 1Shawnee Co. Poor Farm, now Shawnee North Recreation Center 2
Sumner Elementary School, 330 SW Western Av Sumner Elementary School, involved in Brown v Board litigation 1954Sumner Elementary School, involved in Brown v Board litigation 1954, view 2 See also: Sumner School Tour
Thacher Building (was Crane Publishing/now Gizmo Pictures)
110 SE 8th
Crane Building, 110 SW 8thCrane detailCrane detail arch base  See also Downtown Tour #22
400 blk,
SW Topeka Blvd
private home at SW 5th St. at Topeka Blvd
900 blk,
SW Topeka Blvd
900 block, SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka Blueprint, SE corner, 6th & Jackson Topeka Blueprint, SE corner, 6th & Jackson

Topeka Cemetery, 1601 SE 10th Ave
Preserv. Awards '09

Topeka Cemetery 1Topeka Cemetery 2Topeka Cemetery 3bench, Topeka Cemetery
  Topeka Cemetery Building 1Topeka Cemetery Building 2Topeka Cemetery Building 3Topeka Cemetery Building 4
Topeka High School, 800 SW 10th St Topeka High School, 800 SW 10th Topeka High School 2 Topeka High School 3Topeka High School, east entrances & flag pole
  Topeka High School, East FrontTopeka High School, east side Topeka High School, west doors
  Topeka High School LibraryTopeka High School Library, hearth areaTopeka High School Library, stained glass windows  also visit: Preservation Tour '09

Topeka Provident Assn. Building, 335 SW Jackson

Topeka Provident Assn.  See also Downtown Tour #69
Topeka State Hospital, Biddle Building, north of 6th at Randolph

Biddle building, called Old Main, Topeka State Hospital grounds, view 1Biddle building, called Old Main, Topeka State Hospital grounds, view 2

This building was demolished:

Topeka State Hospital, various buildings, north of 6th at Randolph Buildings, Topeka State Hospital groundsVacated building, Topeka State Hospital grounds
  Unused building, Topeka State Hospital groundsVacated building, Topeka State Hospital grounds, view 2
U.S. Post Office, 424 SW Kansas Av U.S. Post Office, Topek, western facadeU.S. Post Office, Topeka, NW cornerU.S. Post Office, Topeka, south side view
Veale-Freeburg, 923 SW Kansas Av Veale-Freeburg Building  Preserv. Awards '08
Warehouse 414, 414 SE 2nd Ave Preserv. Awards '09 Built in 1889, was former Rapid Transit Power Satation Warehouse 414, Grandmontagne Design 1Warehouse 414, Grandmontagne Design 2Grandmontagne Design
West Union School
210 SW West Union Rd.
 West Union SchoolWest Union School, stone outhousePreserv. Awards '09
1263 SW Western 1263 SW Western 11263 SW Western 2  Preserv. Awards '08
former Western Resources substation
1201 SW Oakley
substation 1substation 2substation 3substation 4
  structure back, with new cement workback 2portico
Women's Club, NE corner of 9th & Topeka Blvd, built 1924 Topeka Women's Club Currently houses office of KS Insurance Comm.
The Woodward Inns, 1272 SW Fillmore, built in 1924 by Chester & Frederica Woodward
Preserv. Awards '09
The Woodward B&B1269 Woodwardplus new Inn, 1269 Fillmore
WPA Stone Shelters, Lake Shawnee Garden House, Lake ShawneeBoat House, Lake ShawneePreserv. Awards '08

Constitution Hall--Topeka, 427-429 SW Kansas Av
Constitution Hall, Topeka. Photo by Carol Yoho Constitution Hall, Topeka, an etching
This Vernacular style, pitched roof commercial building, now with two 20th-century storefronts, housed the Topeka constitutional convention of 1856. It banned slavery when proslavery forces in nearby Lecompton sought Kansas in the battle for Congressional power. The building also housed religious, social, and town protection meetings. It is registered in the National Park Service "Underground Railroad Network to Freedom." —7/9/2006 Added to the National Register of Historic Places in July, 2008. —7/9/2008 Read more at Topeka's Constitution Hall web site. —2/22/2009
Dillon house--Topeka, 404 W. 9th St
The Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review held its regular Dillon House, 404 W. 9th, Topeka. Photo by Carol Yohoquarterly meeting at the Kansas History Center on February 18, 2006. The board nominated thirteen properties to the National Register of Historic Places, among them the Dillon House, Topeka, Shawnee County. Located at 404 West Ninth Street in Topeka, the Dillon House is a three story Italian Renaissance Revival house constructed from 1911 to 1913. The yellow brick house has sculptural ornamentation and classical details throughout. The house is one of the last remaining important architectural structures from the pre-World War I time period of Topeka. The Dillon House is nominated for its association with Hiram Price Dillon, a locally prominent attorney, businessman, and philanthropist; for its depiction of Italian Renaissance Revival style architecture; and for its association with builder Henry Bennett.
—See also Dillon House Tour

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