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Download the entire 2012 Kansas Reads to Preschoolers toolkit.
You'll find math, communication & literacy, social-emotional development and science activities perfect for your Kansas Reads to Preschoolers activities. If you have material you'd like to share with others, please email candace.leduc@library.ks.gov and we'll add it to the site.

Or download each individual file below.

Mathmatical Knowledge
Activity: Sole Rubbings
Activity: Following pictorial directions & creating blueprints
Activity: Building Blocks

Communication & Literacy
Activity: What Happened Which Day?
Activity: Cheer for Lola
Activity: What’s your book adventure?
Activity: Act it Out!

Social-Emotional Development
Activity: Get a library card
Activity: Dress up & Dramatic Play
Activity: Families

Activity: Is it alive?

Snack Ideas

Kansas Reads to Preschoolers is an excellent chance to promote 6 by 6: Ready to Read in your community. Distribute tri-fold brochures explaining the six skills and how to enhance them in children--you can hand them out at programs, or if you're giving the book away, tuck one inside each book! Need more brochures? Email anna.foote@library.ks.gov.

Click here to view 6 by 6 Activity Ideas.

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