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SmartTechnologies to Optimize HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Data Plans

See What SmartTechnologies Can Do for Your Satellite Internet Service

When it comes to the amazing new satellite Internet services from the new HughesNet®, it is hard to imagine that anything can top the incredibly fast Internet speeds, reliable connections and large data plans at great rates. Yet built-in SmartTechnologies features that are available in every HughesNet Gen5 data service plan changes the way you think of data optimization so you can do more online -- anytime.

Sign up today to see SmartTechnologies in action after you select one of the data plans available with HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet. Once you have an account, you'll see the following amazing features whenever you are browsing web pages, emailing friends, downloading music, uploading photos to family members, and doing a range of other online tasks.

Smart technology
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SmartTechnologies Letting You Do More Online

With built-in SmartTechnologies, you will see a range of data optimization features that will allow you to use less data while being able to stream more videos without affecting amazing DVD picture quality. Also, downloaded content is automatically compressed by up to 30%. So you will see faster download speeds and reliable connections so you don't have to worry about any of the downloaded content becoming interrupted.

In addition, you can now keep track of the amount of data you are using in real time with the convenient Usage Meter. Check out how much data your family uses every month so you can upgrade to the best plan that will accommodate your online browsing lifestyle. If you see that you will be going over your data limit, you can conveniently get Data Tokens to give your satellite Internet plan a data boost whenever you need it.

Contact our customer service representatives today so we can help you select the HughesNet Gen5 data plan that would work well in your home. And if you are an existing customer, check out the other data plans that are available in case you need to move up to the next one as your family grows and your satellite Internet needs change.

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