The grain elevator in Aliceville, Kansas
      Aliceville Grain Elevator
Coffey County

Aliceville, Kansas

Founded: 1882
Elevation: 1120 feet
School District: 245
Area Code: 620
Latitude: 38° 9' 16"N
Longitude: 95° 33' 6"W

Aliceville is in Coffey County just 4 miles east and 5 miles north of LeRoy.  The town, though never incorporated, once had many businesses.  Now Aliceville is a quiet, treed, community with some homes, a fine church and a very well maintained bank.  Aliceville is on the Union Pacific Railroad on tracks formerly owned by the Missouri Pacific Railroad.  In 1903 the town was heavily damaged by a tornado.

The exterior of The Farmers State Bank in Aliceville, Kansas Some of the fine interior of The Farmers State Bank in Aliceville, Kansas
      Farmers State Bank

The Farmers State Bank is located on the main corner of town.  Established in 1908, the bank has an intact 19th century interior purchased used from a bank in Westphalia.

St John Lutheran Church in Aliceville, Kansas
St John Lutheran Church is a lovely, white frame church that serves a congregation from towns at least as far away as LeRoy.  The church sits a block off the highway south of downtown at the corner of 2nd and Kelly. 

Early History

John David Hawes, a Missouri Pacific Railroad conductor, settled in this section of Kansas when it was still a frontier. Here, with his wife, Frances Melissa and his daughter, Alice, Hawes began to build a town beside the railroad which was constructed in 1879.  He prospered in the hay business here and honored his small daughter, Alice, by naming the new town "Aliceville" after her when it was founded in 1882. 
From: Empire That Missouri Pacific Serves

An old school in Aliceville, Kansas
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