Ness County Arnold, Kansas

Zelda Artz and the Arnold Post Office

Post Office in Arnold, KansasThe information I have is from an article written about my aunt, Zelda Artz, when she retired from the Arnold Post Office. I do not have information previous to this, however I know Mrs. Anna B. Jennings was the main postmistress in 1934. Zelda helped out part time after she graduated from Arnold High School in 1934. Zelda taught school at Pleasant Hill country school September 1942 through April 1945. And she taught the primary room (1st through 3rd grades) in Arnold from September 1945 through May 1949. During the seven years she taught school, Zelda also helped Mrs. Jennings in the post office, during the summer months. Zelda was appointed acting Postmaster on June 30, 1949 and retired June 1, 1979. Archie Gostnell was the rural route carrier at this time. During her 30 years as Postmaster Zelda had only one clerk, her sister, Mrs. Verda Turley. The substitute rural carrier for 26 years was Verda's husband, W. J. Turley.

Information supplied by Karen (Turley) Fowler

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