Thanks to Mr. and Mrs Elmo Miller,  Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Cooper, Mrs. Arliene Matthews,  Mr. and Mrs. Rob Thompson,  The Ottawa County Museum, the cemetery boards and all others who helped make this directory possible.  This is an ongoing project and will be updated when ever we receive more information.

We found that there are five cemeteries with current records in the county.  The rest have different degrees of records,
from very little for some ,  to owners of lots but no other names on the lot for others.
In about 1960 a group of people made a "walk thru" of all the cemeteries and recorded what they found.
Marjorie Miller of Minneapolis has a copy of these and graciously allowed me to use them for this project.
About 1990 Mrs. Miller started collecting obituaries from newspapers and I also used these.
This leaves a 30 year period with out any records for several cemeteries.
If you have any records that will help fill that void I would be very glad to include them.

You will find a map of the county with all the cemeteries marked. This is large and must
be scrolled . Under the map is a directory of the county cemeteries with their addresses listed

There  are 15 tax supported cemetery districts  in Ottawa County plus 8  other small ones.  Links that are available are underlined

O&S #1 in Sec 32 of Bennington Twnp.
  Crown Point      30 North 130

Mt. Liberty #2  in sec. 21 of Chapman Twnp.      2675 Treaty

Greenville #3 in Sec. 30 of Lincoln Twsp. near Niles     145 North 250

Bohemian #4 in Sec. 32 of Stanton Twsp. West of Delphos      103 Rifle

#5 in Sec 1 of Bennington Twsp at Bennington        545 North 180

Clay & Ottawa #6 in Clay County

Fairview #7 in Sec 27 of Fountain Twsp. near Ada     30th and Nugget

Pleasant Hill #8 in Sec. 6 of Grant Twsp. North West of Wells      1835 Quartz

#9 in Sec.7 of Concord Twsp. near Minneapolis      1255 kiowa

Franklin #10 in Sec. 28 of Morton Twsp. near Tescott      175 North 30

Fairview-Sherman #11 in Sec. 3 of Sherman Twsp.    2125 Windmill

Hall #12 in Sec. 26 of Logan Twsp. West of Lamar      1940 North 160

Culver #13 in Sec. 24 of Morton Twsp. East of Tescott      580 Coronado

Delphos #14 in Sec 15 of Sheridan Twsp. near Delphos :     980 Volunteer

White Cloud in Dickinson County 

Other small cemeteries are :

St. Paul's in Sheridan, South East of Delphos      2145 North 95

"Price"    in Morton Twsp sec 6     85 Evergreen

Fountain Twsp. Sec. 28; St. Borgia 30th and Nugget

Center Twsp. Sec. 6;
Pleasant Hill     655 Kiowa

Fountain Twsp. Sec. 6; 
Baldwin       1725 North 10th

Grant Twsp. Sec. 35

Ottawa Twsp. Sec. 3  
Vine Creek

Lincoln Twsp. Sec. 32

Henry Twsp. Sec 14   
"Twin Hills"

Ottawa Twsp. Sec 18 Ackley