Wilson County Buffalo, KS
Founded: 1857 Population: 293 (1990)
School District: USD 387  Elevation: 945 feet
ZIP code: 66717 Latitude: 37° 42' 35" N
Area Code: 620 Longitude: 95° 41' 50" W

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Wilson State Fishing Lake near Buffalo, KS Buffalo is located in extreme northern Wilson, [WL], county on highway US 75. It's also served by a line of the Union Pacific. Going straight east from Buffalo leads to a beautiful area around the upper end of the Wilson State Fishing Lake. More outdoor recreation opportunities are available at nearby Toronto Lake and Woodson State Fishing Lake.

Buffalo, KS Brick Many people in this part of the United States know of Buffalo by the bricks once made here. The Buffalo Brick Company produced millions of bricks here in the years from 1902 to 1966. For many years, the plant was the largest brick plant west of the Mississippi River.

Micro-Lite, Inc., Buffalo, KS The major industry now is Micro-Lite Inc. which mines and processes a mineral used in livestock feed supplements. The mine itself is in the crater of a volcano that was active 75 to 100 million years ago. Wildcat Ranch, a 4500 acre spread, shares the crater with the mine.

Texas Longhorn at Buffalo, KS
Buffalo was the
site of the first
high school in
Wilson County.
Agriculture, particularly ranching,
is a major component of the local
economy. The longhorn shown here
was photographed at Double-Tuff
in Buffalo where efforts to produce
better cattle focus on crossbreeding
Angus, Limousin, and Texas Longhorns.


City of Buffalo
(620) 537-8755
P.O. Box 88
Buffalo, Ks. 66717

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