Location Burrton, Kansas
Founded: 1873
Area Code: 620
ZIP code: 67020
Population: 932 (2000)
Elevation: 1453 feet
Latitude: 38° 1' 26" N
Longitude: 97° 40' 10" W
School District: USD 369  
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Burrton is located in southwestern Harvey [HV] County beside highway US50.  A main line of the AT&SF also runs through Burrton.  When railroads were more common both the Frisco and the Arkansas Valley Interurban also stopped in Burrton.
Municipal Building, Burrton, Kansas The municipal auditorium downtown is a fine brick and stone building.  It obviously was built when Burrton had more people and resources.
The school buildings in the southern part of town are remarkably well maintained.  It's worth the detour across the tracks to see how well older buildings can be restored and reused.  The recreation area on the east side has ballfields, playgrounds, and a pool.
The area north of Burrton is covered with dune-like "sandhills".
Oil was discovered around Burrton in 1937.

Schools   Burrton Chargers LogoUSD 369 Burrton Chargers   (620) 463-3840 FAX: (620) 463-2636
Box 448 / Burrton, KS 67020-0448
Library   Burrton Public Library   (620) 463-7902 / 118 N. Burrton Avenue / P. O. Box 358
Churches   Burrton Bible Church   (620) 463-3211 / 219 N. Harvey Ave.
Burrton Mennonite Church   (620) 463-3415 / 411 N. Reno Ave.
Burrton United Methodist Church   (620) 463-4155 / 114 West Center
Christian Church   (620) 463-3010 / 201 S. Burrton
Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church   (620) 463-3811 / 11303 Longview Rd.
Dining   Main Street Diner   (620) 463-2733 / 122 N. Burrton
Shopping   Pantry Plus   (620) 463-2196 / Highway 50
Banking   State Bank of Burrton   (620) 463-4060 / 200 N. Burrton
City Government   Emergency - 911
City Clerk   (620) 463-4545 / 203 N. Burrton Ave.
Swimming Pool   (620) 463-2668 / 333 E. Adams
Notes:   Genealogical Information for Harvey County is available on Blue Skyways.
Mentioned in the 1883 Cutler's History of Kansas.
Historical images of Burrton from the Special Collections at WSU's Ablah Library are available online.
Burrton is on the Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF).
Burrton was a stop on the Ark Valley Interurban electric railway.
Burrton was on the Saint Louis-San Francisco Railroad. (Frisco)
Burrton appears on a county map in the 1877-78 Biennial Report of the State Board of Agriculture.
Burrton appears on a county map in the History of Kansas by Noble L. Prentis published in 1899.
For more information about Burrton, contact:
Mayor James Redinger   620-463-4545
City of Burrton, P.O. Box 100, Burrton, KS 67020
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