Erie, KS

Beantown U.S.A.  

Population: 1276
ZIP code: 66733
Area Code: 620
Elevation: 925 feet
Latitude: 37° 34' 5" N
Longitude: 95° 14' 35" W
School District: USD 101 
  City Park, Erie, Kansas

Neosho County
Visit our Erie Museum, relax by the Neosho River, enjoy a malt in our soda fountain, play a round of golf, relax in our Library, have a good meal, and spend the night - all in Erie, Kansas.

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Erie, KS
Beantown USA

  Erie, the county seat of Neosho [NO] County, is on highway US59 near the Neosho River.
Soda Fountain in downtown Erie, Kansas Downtown Erie has some nice old buildings and a pleasant park.

Stop for a malt at the soda fountain in the drug store. Down the street, the sign on the front of the Erie Record proudly boasts "Since 1876".
Bean pot in downtown Erie, Kansas Erie is famous for its annual free Bean Feed where thousands of guests share a free meal. One of the huge pots used for cooking beans sits in front of the courthouse.

Erie is unusual in that the city can generate electricity for the town's needs and still be able to sell large amounts to commercial utilities. The city is also rebuilding its infrastructure to prepare for the new century.


City of Erie
(620) 244-3461
101 N. Main · Erie, KS 66733

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