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Howard M. Hayes, Grenola, Kas., Killed
After Responding to Burglar Alarm; Men in High-Power Car Cause Suspicion.

WINFIELD, Kas., Dec. 27, 1921.-Howard M. Hayes, 27 years old, cashier of the Grenola, Kas., State bank, was shot to death early Tuesday by Lou Downs, night watchman of the bank, who mistook Hayes for a robber. Hayes had been summoned by the watchman to investigate a report the bank was about to be robbed by bandits.
Orders to shoot to kill and ask questions afterwards had been given Downs, and he fired, when he heard someone enter the bank. The bullet hit Hayes.
The watchman saw a high-powered motor car stop in front of the bank Tuesday morning. He called the cashier by phone as one man from the car went upstairs to a hotel office and the others waited In the street.
Hayes called Deputy Sheriff Harry Berry and Councilman Fred Marshall and the three went to aid the watchman. After Hayes was shot as he was entering the building, he was placed on a train bound for Winfield, but died before the train reached here. The body was taken back to Grenola on the next train.
Hayes was not married. His father, E. M. Hayes. lives at Glasgow, Mo.
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