Founded: 1884

Population: 624

Elevation: 2150 feet

Latitude: 37° 37' 10" N

Longitude: 99° 6' 22" W

School District: USD 474, Haviland

ZIP code: 67059

Area Code: 620


Haviland is located in eastern Kiowa [KW] county just north of highway US 54. The tracks of the Southern Pacific run just south of downtown.


Haviland was settled by Quakers from Indiana and has had a Friends Church school/seminary since its early days. Haviland Academy (1892) and then Kansas Central Bible Training School (1917) became Friends Bible College and now Barclay College. The college has an eclectic set of buildings at the north end of town.

Haviland was named for Laura Haviland who was very active in the “underground” railroad before and during the Civil War of 1861-1865.  Local legend says that Laura came to visit her namesake near the turn of the 20th century.  At the very least, her assistant did visit and brought signed copies of Laura’s autobiography to the academy, college, public library and the Friends church library.

Haviland Meteorite Festival

July 7-8, 2006



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