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The city of Jennings was named after Warren Jennings and was founded in May 1888. The town started with very few businesses but grew quickly.

        The Rock Island railroad was important to the town and the old station still stands by the tracks which are now part of the Kyle Railway. Standing beside the tracks looking off toward Norton, you can start to imagine that you can hear the Rock Island Rocket approaching. The Rock Island Rocket served Jennings and Decatur County with 21.7 miles of track. The route taken by the Rocket was along the Prairie Dog Creek. The Rock Island Line terminated March 31, 1980. The railroad is still maintained for use today.

        Jennings was the home of the Kolache Festival. Bohemian costumes were worn and the menu for the day was Czechoslovakian food with "all the kolaches you could eat." At its peak the Festival drew 5,000 people to Jennings.

        Jennings is proud to have celebrated its 100th birthday. The town and its residents still believe in the future of Jennings.

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