Gray County Montezuma, Kansas

Founded: 1887
ZIP code: 67867
Area Code: 620
School District: USD 371 
  Welcome Sign   Population: 966(1997 est)
Elevation: 2785 feet
Latitude: 37 35' 45" N
Longitude: 100 26' 34" W

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The City of Montezuma, Kansas was established in 1912, and is located in Gray County. Montezuma was founded during a period of intense land speculation at the time the Eureka Irrigation Canal was being built further north in Gray County. Asa Soule, the canal's developer, won the support of Montezuma in his fight to make Ingalls the county seat by promising to build a railroad through Montezuma. His victory was only temporary, and Cimarron finally became the county seat, but Montezuma did end up with a railroad. Many of the settlers in the area around Montezuma were Mennonites seeking religious freedom.

The current certified population of Montezuma is 966 and it is a self-sufficient and fast growing community. Montezuma is a clean town with many positive qualities not found in most small towns of its size, such as paved streets, medical services, a grocery store, a city library and weekly newspaper. In fact, with the exception of a clothing store, most everything can be found in Montezuma. Other assets of Montezuma include Bethel Home, a renowned extended care facility, a senior citizen center, a nine hole golf course and a municipal airport.

The main industry is agriculture or agricultural-related businesses. There are over fifty businesses in the Montezuma area alone. All business buildings in the town are in use. There are several new homes being built in the east part of the city, and new home sites will be available soon on the west side of town.

High School Door, Montezuma, KS There are five churches in the city. We also have our own museum, the Stauth Memorial Museum, which hosts traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian Institute, as well as displaying artifacts from the Stauth's extensive travels and Ralph Fry's wild game expeditions.

Our school system consists of a preschool, a elementary school, and a high school located in Montezuma and a middle school located ten miles west in the city of Copeland. We are very proud of our school system which has an excellent teaching staff. Along with offering a diverse course of studies, we have excellent forensics, music, and debate programs. The sports programs offered are football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, track, and golf.


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