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Population: 835 (2000)
Elevation: 3616 feet
Latitude: 38° 28' 11" N
Longitude: 101° 45' 8" W
School District: USD 200, Greeley County Schools
ZIP code: 67879
Area Code: 620
Greeley County

Tribune, the county seat of Greeley County [GL], is a complete, self sufficient community and the main shopping area and health center for the county.  To the north of town White Woman Creek cuts a valley into the normally level terrain. 

Horace Greeley Museum in Tribune, KansasIn downtown Tribune visitors should be sure to see the unique and beautiful library. Go around the corner a block to see a modern courthouse next to the old (1890) courthouse which now houses the Horace Greeley Museum.

Horace Greeley (1811-1872) was publisher of the New York Tribune and fought for Kansas' entry into the Union as a free state.  He was also famous for his boosterism of the West: "Go west young man."

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Greeley County Community Development
(620) 376-2548
510 Broadway, Tribune, KS 67879

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